Let’s Meet by Accident

Meet by accident? … Accidents are not being planned, are they? Accidents happen by chance. Maybe they had been predestined, but the time and place and the circumstances by which they are going to happen are not known to the would-be participants.

So, how do total strangers “plan” to meet accidentally for the very first time? Well, they do not and they cannot. But they can prepare to meet a total stranger by accident if and when it actually happened. And why, you may ask, should we prepare to meet strangers by accident? The reasons are varied. It depends on where you are coming from. But the kind of meeting I am proposing here is the pleasant kind. Not the armed to the teeth, with guns blazing kind.

I thought of this idea while I was driving at snail’s pace along the South Luzon Expressway. Yep, “snail’s pace” and “Expressway” in the same sentence.South-Luzon-Expressway

Stay in the Southern part of Manila for two days and you will understand why seeing those words in the same sentence is a common occurrence here these days. But there were other reasons last Friday. The reasons being two minor accidents: both fender benders. And the incidents happened just about a hundred meters away from each other.

Normally, minor events like that do not merit being written in the papers or in the electronic media. Their rightful place is in some police blotter or court dockets – if the parties involved happened to be indefatigably troublesome.

I am spending precious time writing this because those two accidents are a study in contrast. Something that might save a poor soul somewhere should a driver or a car owner whose’ conscience is still recoverable happens to read about this.

The first incident involves two (2) SUVs of different brands and make. A brand new Fortuner, and a two year old Tucson (if I am not mistaken). Apparently, the former smacked the rear end of the latter (they are still positioned that way when I passed them by).

These SUVs are both driven by female drivers who both look professionals. Anybody passing them by cannot help but notice the amicable discussion they are having. They have to wait for a cop for a formal investigation (documentation) of the incident but you can see that they are already exchanging telephone numbers and other pertinent personal circumstances. Obviously, they are going about their business in a very civil manner. I wouldn’t be surprised if after everything has been settled, those two will end up as friends.

The other incident about a hundred meters away from them involved two cabbies from different companies. The drivers were not yet strangling each other but they are in a rather heated argument.

Given these contrasting images, where would you rather be?


Oh, I have a third scenario where I don’t think anyone but those who would like to have a kiss with death would rather be.

The third scenario which happened a few years ago here in Manila did not have any heated argument but neither was there an amicable discussion of differences. An armed driver who felt slighted when another vehicle overtook his SUV rather brusquely just pulled his gun from his waist and started firing at the vehicle that is now in front of him.

A number of those inside the other vehicle either died or were seriously wounded including an expectant mother who, at that time, was just days from giving birth.

I bet that gunslinger didn’t intend to hurt the unborn child and the mother, but because most drivers thought that everyone on the road is stupid or a moron, save himself, it is alright to annihilate everyone else so he can proceed in his trip.

Now, think of the possibilities those two professional ladies will be opening for each other after they have gone past being strangers…

In the meantime, can you guess if any of those two cab drivers will be spending a couple of nights (years?) in jail?




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