Getting IN and OUT of MARKET

One of the most confusing things for a stock market beginner is the question on when to get in and out of the market. Well, that is if he is already done grappling with the question on which of the thousands of available stocks in his chosen market to buy. If an investor already has a bit of understanding about the stock market, he might agree that the most opportune time to get into the market is when everyone is scampering out of it. Not necessarily at the beginning of a market downturn, bu...


So, the DJIA sank another 3.8 percent last week. Dang, in terms of NYSE investments, that means one helluva lot of money! The last time China’s SSEC fell by 4 percent in one day, the whole investing world went epileptic. Now, following all those months of bad news, are we supposed to be scared yet? Okay, hang on. I know I asked the question and I know that people from different investing persuasions will have their own unassailable answer to that question. And many, if not all, will be right ...

Why Suffer on a Good year?

sad stock market punk
Why indeed? (suffer on a good year) First, let’s put things into perspective. Here, we always talk about investing and the suffering we are talking about has to do with ailments that we get if we are a chronic worrier. If you read my post in this channel prior to this one…well, yes, this is a continuation of that. This is still about Fear and Greed but set in the good times. You are not really thinking that nobody is making money right now (although to the detriment of almost all of us), ...

7th Nature’s Wonder?

chocolate hills
This is the second of the three tourist destinations in the Philippines that made it to the Top Ten List in the search for the 7th Wonder of the World. The Stock Market Punk has taken it upon himself to introduce those three places to you via his Orble travel posts. This place is called the Chocolate hills. It is in the town of Carmen in the Province of Bohol. Bohol is an island province located in Central Visayas. It is about an hour by plane from the Manila Domestic Airport and aroun...

Economics of a Wasteland

makati at night
Economics of a wasteland and about a year ago, an odd advertisement came out of a major daily in the Philippines and it read something like this: “In the land of the blinds, a one eyed man is king!” Those of us in the office who saw that ad tried to put heads and tails together and decided that the ad was actually a derogatory remark made by one company to belittle the achievements of another company (their competition). The ad was ignored by the targeted company and it was soon forgotten....

Make Profits, NOT Heart Ailments

People invest to make profits and eventually live a better life. Well, at least, that’s what everybody hopes to achieve. Unfortunately, that’s not what everybody gets. While the lucky ones manage to realize their dreams sooner or later, the not so lucky ones just fall by the wayside. Sometimes, in even worse conditions than when they started. Luck plays an important role in investing. But it is by no means the only determinant of success or failure of an investment. There are times when i...