Getting IN and OUT of MARKET

One of the most confusing things for a stock market beginner is the question on when to get in and out of the market. Well, that is if he is already done grappling with the question on which of the thousands of available stocks in his chosen market to buy. If an investor already has a bit of understanding about the stock market, he might agree that the most opportune time to get into the market is when everyone is scampering out of it. Not necessarily at the beginning of a market downturn, bu...

Travel down Subic Memories

departing Subic Bay
To many American G.I.’s who traveled the world this will be a trip down memory lane. Destination: Subic Bay, Zambales, Philippines. About three (3) hours drive North of Manila. For decades, the largest U.S. Navy installations outside of the United States, the former Subic Naval Base has been successfully transformed into a busy free port and a tourist destination. Said to be one of the training grounds of the secretive Navy Seals (until that highly trained covert group was popularized ...


So, the DJIA sank another 3.8 percent last week. Dang, in terms of NYSE investments, that means one helluva lot of money! The last time China’s SSEC fell by 4 percent in one day, the whole investing world went epileptic. Now, following all those months of bad news, are we supposed to be scared yet? Okay, hang on. I know I asked the question and I know that people from different investing persuasions will have their own unassailable answer to that question. And many, if not all, will be right ...

An Island GET AWAY

Idyllic island get away
The Philippines is a country of some 7107 islands (depending on what time of the day you asked and whether it is low tide or high tide) and surely, there are quite a number of those islands that present themselves as a perfect island get away. One of the world's famous islands frequented by tourists in this part of the globe is the Boracay Island in the Province of Aklan. But that is not what this post is all about. This is about another island with pristine white beaches in the northernmost ...

Make Money by Doing NOTHING

Isn’t that a nice idea? To continuously make money while doing nothing? Ha ha ha! I can almost see it happening, thousands of eyebrows rising at the same moment - everyone probably thinking what rubbish this author is dishing out today. But can anyone really make money by doing nothing? Well, maybe not. But thousands (whether they know it or not) are actually making a lot of money by doing almost nothing at all. And who are these blasted sons of b…’s who are so darn lucky they make money ...

BIG Profits from ‘DISSENTERS’

4 coins portfolio
  A friend of mine went to the stock market the other day and came back saying that judging by the number of people that he met at the exchange that day, there seem to be a lot of people who are packing their suitcases these days to go on some vacation somewhere than there are minding their investments. But that was just an assumption. At any rate, I don’t think we can blame anybody if they want to stay as far away from financial risks as they can these days. Anyway, if we are goi...